Useful Forms

Last Updated: January 2019



Intended For...

Master Builder Award

This form teaches you different things about how the Lodge works and gets you involved from the get-go. New brethren

Master Craftsman Award

This award builds upon the Master Builder award and is meant to get more experienced brethren involved.
Working on the Master Craftsman Award is a great opportunity for a new brother's mentor to work with his mentee (who should be working on the Builder award) and gives the two a shared project.
Experienced brethren, especially mentors to new Masons

Master Pillar Award

This award builds upon the Master Builder AND Master Craftsman awards, and is meant for brethren working on becoming the Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and Worshipful Master of their Lodge. The Master Pillar award helps a brother working through the chairs to stay connected to the workings of his Lodge. Experienced brethren working their way through the Chairs.