Message from the Worshipful Master


The June 20th Stated Meeting will be our last before we call off from labor to refreshment for the summer months of July and August. As with prior years, your Officers will remain available for any assistance you may require during these two months. Our second craft event was a huge success. A total of eighteen family members created memories on wood and canvas. Our “Round Table” tribute to Veterans, POWs and MIAs delivered a heartfelt message to all in attendance. The Liberty and Freedoms which frame our lives each day should never be taken for granted. Our military selflessly protect the American Dream most giving years of their lives and some making the ultimate sacrifice laying down their life in order for us to live in peace. Please make room in your hearts and prayers for these noble warriors and their families. It is my privilege to announce our Elected Officers for next year have been certified proficient in their respective Stations. The current District certification process is extensive and very stringent. If the Officer does not prove proficient, they will not advance which, in turn, places tremendous hardship on the Lodge. It is an honor to serve alongside quality Brothers who, on their own accord, have enthusiastically dedicated so much of their time in support of our Lodge. Brothers whom demonstrate these qualities are the lifeblood of our Fraternity and we are fortunate to have them as members within our ranks

June update: The website development team has assured us the “Members Only” partition will be ready for viewing by our June Stated Meeting. Once complete, we will post pictures of our events along with important information relative to the good of Freemasonry in general and this Lodge in particular.

To ponder: As mentioned earlier, our Lodge is fortunate to have an outstanding group of Brothers steadily developing into extremely effective leaders. As members of this prodigious Lodge, is it not our Fraternal Duty to support these worthy Brothers by attending meetings and thereby recognizing their efforts and abilities! Come out and see us sometime - new or renewed friendships are just a meeting away. From the Officers of your Lodge, we wish you good health and please be safe during the summer months


Bro. Pete Pancari, Worshipful Master