Project 2020

The goal of Project 2020 is Lodge improvement. There are two primary driving forces behind this initiative:
1) We would like to see more existing members return to Lodge. The Lodge, and the Fraternity as a whole, would not exist without our Brethren, so we want to make sure we do anything we can to encourge those Brethren to join us in Lodge.
2) St. John's Lodge #219 and Franklin Lodge #221 were Warranted and Constituted back in 1846. We have a long and rich history to live up to and we want to make sure Franklin/St. John's/Trinity Lodge is here for the next 174 years and beyond.
Now, this is not an all-encompassing solution. At the end of the day, our Lodge will only be as strong as we make it. But Project 2020 gives us a direction to work towards and the journey we will embark on, together, is where we will flourish.




1. Confer 20 Degrees New members are the key to any Lodge's future. This goal would roughly equate to 7 new members, which is a very attainable goal. 5/20
2. 20 New Ritual Units A “Ritual Unit” is a member becoming proficient in a piece of ritual, whether for meetings, degrees, both, etc. 2/20
3. 20 Member Attendance Average per Meeting Simply put, we want our Lodge to be active, and we want our members to participate. If you're not coming to meetings, please let us know why and we'll see if we can help make things better so you'll want to come around! 24/20 January
0/20 February (Pending)
0/20 May
0/20 June
0/20 September
0/20 October
0/20 November
0/20 December
4. 20 "Returns" of Members that Missed the Last 20 or More Meetings The last twenty meetings encompasses the last two years. As above, we want to know what we can do to bring you back! 0/20
5. 20 Unique Visitors per Half-Year Freemasonry is not limited to our Lodge. If you know someone from another Lodge, encourage them to stop by! We love making new friends and there's always ways that two Lodges can improve each other. 4/20 January-May
0/20 June-December
6. 20 Unique Members Visiting Another Lodge (Outside of DDGM Visits) Following up to #5, we want to return the favor and pay visits to other Lodges. It's always fun to visit our Brethren, see what they have going on, and do whatever we can to support them! 0/20
7. Establish Contact with 20 Lodges Outside of Pennsylvania Freemasonry is about fraternal brotherhood, and that extends beyond borders. We want to get in touch with our out-of-state brethren and remind everyone that wherever they go, they will find a home and a family. 0/20
8. 20 "Nuggets" of Wisdom Shared from 20 Different Brothers We can all teach each other and learn something from each other. So we'll compile some of the best advice, whether for new members, new Masters, or even just a Brother that needs some guidance. 0/20
9. 20 Members Atend a District Event. This can include: Academy of Masonic Research Symposiums, picnics, fundraiser nights, etc. 0/20
10. 20 Care Packages to Soldiers Without the men and women serving our country, we would not have the freedom to be Masons. To show our gratitude and support, we will assemble and ship out care packages to our military. 0/20
10. At Least $20/meeting to Change for the Troops As above, we need to support our Troops, and what better way to do that than supporting the Help for the Heroes initiatives. 0/8 meetings (January/February Pending)
12. 20 Members Represent the Lodge at Community Events This can include Autumn Days and Fort Ligonier Days events, parades, etc. We want people to know we're around and active and get people to wonder how they can be a part of this great organization! 0/20
13. 20 Books Donated to Charity Book Drives Books are a source of knowledge, comfort, enjoyment, and many other things to many people. If you have some books at home taking up shelf space and collecting dust, we can share them with a local library or bookdrive, to bring some of that comfort and joy to someone who needs it. 0/20
14. 20 Commendations/Thank You Messages to Our Lodge and Its Brethren This is mostly outside of our control, but gratitude will come to Lodges and members who serve others. 4/20
15. 20 New Items for the Lodge Website This site is our Lodge's online presence and it contains many resources for helping our Brethren grow, work, and learn. Let's work together to make it even better! 0/20
16. 20 Masonic Lessons at Meetings Freemasonry is full of stories, lessons, symbols, and even a few "secrets". That's half the fun of being a Mason! So let's share some of that information with our brethren. Who knows? We may even learn something about ourselves! 3/20
17. 20 Charitable Contributions Freemasonry is a charitable organization. We should do anything we can to help others and in doing so, help ourselves to become better men, and better Masons. 0/20 (Pending)
18.20 Material Improvements to the Lodge Our Lodge is our home. We want our home to be something we're proud to show off and welcome people to. It's hard to do that if aprons are falling apart, collars are missing jewels, or things are a general mess. Let's make sure none of that is the case, so that when we bring someone to Lodge, they see a home that is maintained and taken care of. 1/20
19. Find 20 Items of Lodge History Where did we come from? How did we get here? Our Lodge has the diverse history of four separate constituent Lodges, so any interesting facts, stories, or artifacts we can find out about Franklin Lodge, St. John's Lodge, Trinity Lodge, or Crescent Lodge will help keep the memory and history of those Lodges alive. 2/20
20. As a Lodge, Simply Try 20 New Things This past December, we had our first ever Open Installation. It was a hit! A Lodge that stagnates and goes through the motions does not serve its Brethren well. So we want to try new things and grow! 1/20